AWC 2019

This year’s AWC was in Finland, Turku. It was an amazing and unforgettable experience in our life! Dance was amazing (she is always amazing), I had some stress before the first team run. I tried to manage that feeling better after that run. I think I did better from the second run. I’m really proud because we didn’t have a run that fell apart.
Our results:

  • Team Jumping – DIS
  • Team Agility – 1 bar
  • Individual Jumping – Clear with the time of 24th
  • Individual Agility – 1 refusal wit the time of 40th
  • Individual overall 25th place

Our runs


EO 2019 – our first international event ever 🙂 It was some extreme competition, but we really enjoyed it! Sometimes the circumstancens were not simple, sometimes some bad luck, sometimes there was some random factor in handling, but we have accomplished our goal well. Soooo proud of this little sheltie girl, she did awesome job! <3
EO video