AWC and EO tryouts, 1st round

We had mixed feelings about the Tryouts, but our doggies  100% exceeded all our non-existent expectations! Dance had just started dompeting with minimal training since the litter, but we were not happy with his movement. We alternated periods of rest and 1-1 training before it became certain that a muscle in his shoulder was the problem. 4 months of rest and physio awaited her and we were very calculated to only be ready with a safe recovery, with only 1 training session at 40cm and 3 sessions on full track. Nova although fantastic and definitely has the potential to make national team, I’m not too motivated about it. However, in the first run showed what he is made of: he had the fastest clear run in all size categories, and gave for all competitors the time for the individual World Championship points. They both did a fantastic job all weekend, we are extremely proud of them. We managed to score some points, but after the first round it’s pointless to analyse who is where…  🙂
Thank you to the fantastic team at Ebfizio for getting us to the Tryouts, we couldn’t have done it without them!
Here you can see a video from each of the Dance and Nova runs.
Thanks again to János Balogh for the pictures of the race!