AWC and EO Tryouts, 2nd round

The 2nd round of the tryouts round has also been completed. Our feelings are mixed as the dogs again exceeded our expectations, but in the last run Gergő break his Achilles tendon, so unfortunately he has a very long rehabilitation period ahead of him.
This weekend we had the opportunity to run on fantastic courses, we had the chance to challenge our own and our dogs’ skills, thanks to the judges! This time I am posting the same jumping race from day 4, performed by Dance and Nova, on this course they ran the same time for a hundredth 🙂

We collected several podium finishes during the whole qualification series, and finally the following result was achieved, based on the points system:
Dance qualified for the EO and the AWC in team, Nova qualified for the EO and she is the reserve for the AWC team. Unfortunately, Gergő  and Dance will not be able to participate in the EO due to injury, but we will do everything we can to rehabilitate him in order to qualify for the World Championships.