TordasZoo Cup

Both Marvel boys competed in the first competition of the year.
Nova only ran the open jumping (we are still practice his competition-see-saw…), where he struggled very hard with the sand, but just managed to slip into first place.
Foxy won her A2 with a beautiful clear run.

Fox in Kraft exam

Last weekend, Fox took part in an exam at Kraft.
They ran three A1 courses, won all three with clean run, and collected his last missing exam with the second run (video here), so they will be competing in A2 next time.
Hearty congratulations, Zsolti and Fox!

ReBorn to Run Again

This weekend we were at the 3-day ReBorn to Run Again race. We were able to compete with a lot of and highly qualified competitors.
It was Nova’s first real runs in A3, and with that came the time to improve her see-saw, so he only compete in the jumping runs, anyway we worked on see-saw. Day 2 he came 2nd in J3, Day 3 in J3.
Dance was very balanced and really maximalist throughout the weekend, with several 4th and 5th places, 3rd in A3 on day 3 and 2nd overall for the weekend.


National Championship 2021

This year’s National Championships we had a lot of difficulties to compete in, and Dance only had very minimal training opportunities after 5 months off. Still, they both performed beyond imagination, and we are terribly proud of them!
In 2021 Nova is the National Champion, and Dance is a Vice-Champion!
Dance’s runs are here and Nova’s winning final here.
And the RKKI Agility Team of Dance-Minka-Nova won the Team competition too! Team runs video is here.
Thanks for the competition-photos to János Balogh!


Born To Run Cup

Last weekend we competed in a 3-day tournament in the DogFlow arena. Nova competed for three days, Fox ran for two days. The boxs ran very nice, they could stand on the podium many times.
Nova’s runs are  here.
Fox: A1 agility 2nd place, A1-A2 open agility 2nd place, Total 3rd place
Nova: A2 agility 3X 1st place, J1-J2 open 1st place, A1-A2 open 3rd place,
Total 1st place.

Thanks for the competition-photos to János Balogh!