Komárom CACIB – 3. Day

After a few years, we visited a dogshow again. The occasion this time was the Derby, we didn’t want Nia to miss it. While we were there, Dance couldn’t stay home either, of course, as she loves the environment. The third day of the CACIB in Komárom had many entries, we are very proud of both girls! It was Nia’s first show of her life, and let’s just say that ringdressage is one of her less strong points than agility 🙂 Dance, on the other hand, impressed the judge with her usual professionalism.
Nia – young class, excellent
Dance – open bitch, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Bing Cup

4.5 months after tearing his Achilles tendon, Gergő returned to the track for 1 run with Dance. They didn’t forget anything together, after one training session they were back on top and won their class.
Dance – A3 1st place

Nova training video

The World Championship is coming up and as a reserve team member, I have the privilege to participate in the training sessions of the National Team with Nova. For the time being, Dance is training with me on these occasions while Gergő is rehabilitating, but she is looking forward to getting her own handler back 🙂

Nova training video

Kraft Cup

The previous weekend we competed in the Kraft Cup and I had the opportunity to run with both dogs again. So far I haven’t got much more skilful, but Dance’s routine was enough to save her competition.
A3 1st place