Magyarország Agility Mesterei

Magyarországon Tóth Árpádnak köszönhetően van egy speciális díj. A cím elérésre minden kutyának két éve van, ennyi időn keresztül lehet gyűjtögetni a szükséges eredményeket A3-ban. Novának tavaly sikerült teljesítenie minden szükséges feltételt, Nia pedig rekord gyorsasággal, mindössze 2 hónap alatt idén szerezte meg az összes ereményt.  Minden évben van egy díjátadó, amikor átadják azoknak a díjat, akik elmúlt egy évben érték el ezt a címet, így idén Nia és Nova együtt vehették át. Jelenleg medium kategóriában 6, mini kategóráiban pedig 7 kutya birtokolja ezt a címet az országban, amit 2021 óta lehet megszerezni.

Adrenalin Cup

This weekend, the Marvel boys and Nia competed together again.
Nia: 1st place Open agility, 1st place Open jumping, 1st place overall
(2X best time in all size categories)
Nova: 1st place Open agility, 2nd place overall
Fox: 1st place Open jumping (2nd best time behind Nia in all size categories), 2nd place overall

2nd weekend of tryouts

The second tryout weekend with Nia was about stabilising skills, and with Nova about experimenting. We achieved both of our goals.
Nia’s results were 2X 1st place, 1X 2nd place, and one best time in all size categories.
Some of Nova’s runs here and Nia’s here.

Mixed Dog Championship

At the weekend we took part in the Mixed Dog Championship. The competition was open to all breeds, but the best mixed breed dog in each size category was awarded a special prize. There were two open runs, Nia won jumping (again with the best time from all sizes) and Nova came second in agility.

First quali weekend

We are not competing for selection this year, for many reasons. The main one is that we want a litter from Nia this year, and if for some reason it doesn’t work out, we’ll have a plan B by the end of the year. Anyway, I’m not a fan of a dog running at the World Championships at such a young age with so little experience. Nova is in great shape, but the uncertainty around my legs without added pressure is stressful enough on its own, so everything this year has clearly tipped the scales to the side of not competing. Nevertheless, we will be competing in the Open and the goals we set for the first weekend have been met to the maximum.
Nia: 2X 1st place, 1X7th place, 3X dis. She was perfectly focused and kept the dragon in herself in check, she worked incredibly well all weekend! Behind the disqualifications were a misunderstanding due to lack of routine, a late cross, and a wall t in the way of the handler. Videos of all the runs can be seen here.
Nova: 4 clear runs (one 2nd place, and all of them in the top 5 Hungarians), and 2 with a single fault. He was a pleasure to run with, he compensated my physical deficiencies very well all the time, those 2 mistakes were also the result of handling errors. His runs can be seen here.


Lord of The Winter IV.

This weekend we were at the last round of Lord of The Winter. Emotionally, we had a very difficult week, so mentally it was hard for both of us to be present at the weekend. Overall, we managed to make the most of the weekend.
Nia won one run and then got the second place in the final, and Nova finished fourth in the final  after a second place in one run.
Thanks to the organising team for this fantastic series of competitions!