Kraft vizsga

Last weekend Nia made her debut in A1. She was amazingly skilful, you can see her video here. Of course there were some small mistakes, but she still exceeded our expectations, taking two first and one second place.

Foxy was compete too, and where something started for Nia, something ended for him. He also got two first and one second place, and moved into A3. Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts!

EO 2023 – Denmark

The Hungarian Medium Team 1, is Vice Team Europian Champion!
Members of team:
Vivien Tóth and Ensley
Petra Mészáros and Kiito
Evelin Szakál and Sasha
Gergely Maros and Dance

More about EO coming soon 🙂

Bing Cup

This weekend we were again at a two-day competition, this time at the Bing Agility Cup. Both Nova and Nia were fantastic! This was Nia’s second and last novice competition, you can watch the runs here.
Nia: 1X 3rd place, 3X 1st place, 3X best time in all size
Nova: Open agility 3rd place, I. J3 1st place, II. J3 2nd place, Finals 3rd place

A-Team Cup

At the weekend we were at the 2-day A-team cup. With this competition little Nia started her career and made her debut in A0. She did 4 runs, 4 first places, with the best time
in all size categories. Nova’s results in A3: 3rd in open jumping and 1st in open agility.

You can watch Nia’s runs here