Marvel Litter


Casper with eager to work Pra./Kat. free,
CEA gen. carrier
MDR1 +/+
Height: 38,8 cm
Agility 3
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HJCH Happy Shepherds Dance PRA / Katarakta free 2017,
CEA gen. normal
MDR1 +/+
Height: 35,5 cm
Agility 3
More info about Dance
Dancing on Fire Starfox 2018.05.27. 14:05 Dancing on Fire Nova 2018.05.27. 14:29
The whole family
Happy Shepherds Dance & Casper with Eager to Work with
Dancing on Fire Nova & Dancing on Fire Starfox

You can find some videos here about the puppies childhood and from the adult life too 🙂