Pandora Black

Basic Info:

Date of Birth: 28/11/2007
Breed: Mix
Sex: Neutered
Color: Black
Owner: Gergely Maros




I was botn in 28/11/2007. Ok, it’s not true. Nobody knows when I was born, I was a street kid for a long time.

I love to go to a trip to the forest or a plain or everywhere. Ok, I prefer the forests more! 🙂 These time I totaly changed, I lost in a second if my owner don’t look after me…

Maybe my past owners failed because of this? I don’t know, the facts tell, I returned to the selter several times before I found my one. Yes, I choose him!

Couple of people grouping in my shelter, never know why, and I just find him. A go to him with my best walking style and he knows immedietly what his job and give me some treats. I wasn’t in a good shape these days, so every treat was needed. I think two more weeks in a shelter and one night he was there for me. I have a new home and a new owner.

Sirius was not so happy because our owners love and time is separated to two sides. Over a week he ralized, it’s not a bad situation for him. He starts feel, I’m a parnter not an enemy.

I had a spinal surgery too. From that day I don’t do agility trinings. But some days, some obstacles (bars grounded), a tunel, a dog-walk… I love it! I love to work with my owner even we just practice tricks or do some obedience things or do some mind games. I watch his every moment, I want to do his all wishes.