Gergely Maros

Happy Shepherds DanceWorking with dogs is my daily activity. I have 3 dogs, in order of dob Sirius Black, Pandora Black, and HJCH Happy Shepherds Dance.

With Sirius, we do everything, good days and less good days until 2006. I learn to live my life in a more ordered way and growing up because having an animal is a huge responsibility and need more “sacrifice”. These “sacrifices” are invisible if you really like the time with your dog, not just have a dog while he is young and cute and after throw him away.

My first five years with a dog was not so perfect. Growing from a man who has a dog to a responsible and more focused individual who not just feed an animal who lived with him. I did not realize but the other owners pass the street if we approaching. Sirius was not the friendliest dog in the world.

We went more dog schools, tones of work, time and energy (even I was an instructor for a while). My opinion about owning and training a dog changed when I realized there is no one, ultimate, golden method to train a dog. I realized every method have good perspectives and techniques as they have less good things. We have pride as a human, as we know something and can’t see above our limits but we definitely need to be opened more! The journey begins when you realized if you walk the world with wide open eyes and can see the good things in other methods not just vitalized your own way, your method.

I closed that section of my life because I can’t find a dog group where have enough humility for dogs, owners, and knowledge.

I love that period of my life because I learned a lot, get more experience than I needed. And I thank this era my second dog, Pandora Black.

Even if she physically clone like Sirius but her individuality is as different as it can. The method that worked with my first dog just doesn’t work with Pandora. She needs a totally different perspective on training. The biggest difference between Sirius and Pandora is that my first dog is my life’s dog but my second dog is chosen for her life. It is not about I love my one dog more than the other just one needs me his life (whatever we are doing) the other is watches every word I say what I want from her.

I learn and try many dog sports and activities those days. With my heart, agility was the best I try. I do agility both of my duchies but a wiener body is not so perfect for jumping obstacles. Even retired, they love to do agility with bard grounded. They miss this type of activity as I miss them to do it wit they!

I never ever wanted a long coated dog. I think it is more difficult to keep it clean, it will be dirtier under walks, etc. Never say never. Thanks for my team to choose me the Sheltie breed. I have no word in this decision 🙂 I’m the luckiest guy to have Dance. It was luck, not a small one to have her. I never ever have knowledge about breeding dogs or dogs with pedigree. And I think I will never pay for a dog, it is enough dogs on the shelters… Sirius and Pandora are adopted from shelters too but I need to understand and accept the facts. If I want to compete, if I want to do this sport for good, I need a dog who bred this activity. I have a few experiences about Shelties, I saw some on seminars and competitions so I have no excuses about a Sheltie but it’s fur. I need a lot of luck to have a Sheltie. This breed does not get in a litter of 6-12 like a Border Collie, more likely 1-3 puppies if any. There are just a few Shelties in Hungary with at least halfway breed for sport.

Dance came with a purpose to me and her more over the expectations.

I get a third consciousness to my little pack, a new way to train, a new way to learn and teach, a new way to see the world a new opportunity.

Eszter put a lot of efforts to train us. Without Eszter, we wouldn’t be the ones we are today. We reach one of our goal after another. I can’t be enough thankful for her!

Dance is part of our development since she was 7 weeks old. She part of our life and our future and successes. This is an endless learning, perfecting, training loop.

With litter Marcel our dream come true and we get closer to Dance than I ever expected.