“The World” litter


Enjoy the Magic Moment Go For It

PRA gen free/Katarakta free 2020
CEA gen. carrier
MDR1 +/+
HD-A, ED 0, patella free
DM clear, DMS: AA/bb/Cc
von Willenbrand typ3 free
Height: 39,5 cm
Agility 3
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HJCH Happy Shepherds Dance

PRA / Katarakta free 2017,
CEA gen. normal
MDR1 +/+

Height: 35,5 cm
Agility 3
More info about Dance

Litter’s pedigree
D.O.B.: 12.17.2021.

Dancing on Fire Power of Niagara

Dancing on Fire Tears of Chios

Dancing on Fire Seremban Satria

The 12 weeks old puppies

You can find some videos here about the puppies childhood and from the adult life too 🙂

Niagara, Dance, Elmo and Chios on EO, 2022 Belgium

Elmo, Kite Grandpa, and Seremban Satria on Gold Rush, 2022