Sati hírek

Sat has stepped up a level and will continue his career in Grade 4 at the next competition. In the meantime, he has also had his mandatory UK measuring-challange, still medium 🙂
You can see some pictures and videos some of his latest runs here 🙂 Congratulations from the bottom of our hearts! Lian, thanks for the great work and all the care you give him!

News from Chios

Last weeken Chios competed on the “Athens Agility by Night”.
He won A1 overall, and with this result qualified into the final! Congratulations, Aggeliki, we are super proud of you two!

Bing Kupa

A hétvégén a Bing kupán Nia és Nova versenyeztek.

Nia: Open jumping 1. hely (legjobb idő minden méretkategóriában)
A3 2. hely (1 hiba)
Nova: A3: 3. hely (1 hiba)

Magyarország Agility Mesterei

There is a special prize in Hungary thanks to Árpád Tóth. Every dog has two years to reach the title, and that is how long it takes to collect the necessary results in A3. Nova managed to complete all the necessary requirements last year, and Nia has achieved all the achievements this year with record speed, in just 2 months. Every year there is an awards ceremony where the prizes are awarded to those who have achieved the title in the past year, so this year Nia and Nova were awarded together. There are currently 6 dogs in the medium category and 7 dogs in the small category in the country, and the title has been up for achive since 2021.

Adrenalin Cup

This weekend, the Marvel boys and Nia competed together again.
Nia: 1st place Open agility, 1st place Open jumping, 1st place overall
(2X best time in all size categories)
Nova: 1st place Open agility, 2nd place overall
Fox: 1st place Open jumping (2nd best time behind Nia in all size categories), 2nd place overall

Thanks for the picures, Szilárd Simkó!